Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I came out from putting in a load of laundry the other day to this sight:

All the hours, thousands and thousands of hours of reading to Cole and Chase - if I had ever wanted a reward for all that time, this would be it.  I'm pretty sure my heart just about exploded with pride.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mother-Son Superhero Dance

I love love love where we live.  There's always something fun going on!  This weekend was the first Parks and Recreation Mother-Son Superhero Dance.

I asked Cole months ago what superhero he would want to be and he immediately answered "BATMAN!".  I'm not sure why - we don't do any licensed characters really, but he must have heard about it at preschool.  And then he decided I should be Joker.  And then when I was talking about it with my friend Emily who was taking her son Dean, we decided they should coordinate and be Robin and the Riddler!

 I used a hair spray paint to make my hair green... it was Cole's favorite part!
 I had SO much fun making these costumes for our cute boys!
 Cole spent the weeks leading up to the dance trying on his costume every chance he got and flying up and down our hall!
 Cole's friend Torin was there too!
 This dance was seriously SO well done.  They had a super fun DJ, a professional photo booth, a Twist contest, BINGO, snacks, a blow up slide,  and a LOT of dancing.  We danced and partied and ate cookies and just had a blast with all the other moms and sons.  It was so special to have a date with just my Cole-man!
 Kadance and Declan were there too!
Cole is already planning our costumes for next year's dance - I'm thinking this will be an annual tradition!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, Chris and I took our first getaway EVER! We've never left our babies, so it was nerve-racking and amazing at the same time!

Wine tasting our first evening there, at Williamson Wines with some fantastic wine and food pairing.
We adore roller coasters, so we made our way to Six Flags to get our roller coaster on.
And on our way home the next day, I requested to make a stop at a beautiful winery - any winery, just one that had some gorgeous scenery.  Chris did some research and discovered Castello di Amorosa - literally a castle winery.  It was beyond beautiful and amazing to see!
A perfect getaway with my honey!
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