Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Back in January, I posted my Bucket List that I wrote when I was a freshman in high school.  For some reason, (how was I supposed to know what I was thinking?!) I put down as #32 "Count how many words I know." 

Random?  Yes.

Then today I stumbled upon a Vocabulary Tester - according to this website, I know 22,800 words.

Well.  So there we go.  Mark another off my bucket list!

Further proof that you can find ANYTHING on the internet? Also yes.

How many words do YOU know?

Friday, July 29, 2011


Boxes, boxes, everywhere.

The truck is coming tomorrow to get loaded up, and we're off on our next adventure.

I'll be taking a brief time-out of posting every day while we move and get settled in our new place - so instead, I'll be posting a random photo, thought, or quote for a week or two.

Here's hoping we all survive the move intact!

See you later, alligator!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new tricks

Cole is learning SOOOO much lately.  I love watching each tiny new thing he learns to do.  Like today, for example: there are a couple of books of his that when we get to a certain page I make a specific sound, like a loud MOOOOO for a cow on a page, or a high pitched HOWL for dogs howling at the moon.  Today we were reading those books and when we got to those pages, he looked up at me expectantly - he totally knew what I was going to do!  It was amazing.

And later on, when I asked him if I could change his diaper, he took my hand and led me into his room, directly to his changing table, then held his arms up to me to be picked up.  And for the first time today, when I held out his socks, he lifted his foot for me to put them on.

Wow.  It's like he's becoming a little PERSON or something.  Crazy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Post About Bums

We've had some diaper rash issues around here lately, people.

Lots of new food coupled with disposable diapers equals a red, sore bum on my little man.  He even had a couple of nasty blisters on his bottom last week!

We're talking bright red, blisters and tears with every diaper change - some mine, some his! :(  When Cole was first born and had diaper rash, we tried two different diaper rash creams, to no avail, when I remembered Chris' parents telling me they tried something called Bag Balm (yes, it is for cows, but that doesn't mean it doesn't do wonders to people too!) to cure some mega-diaper rash on Chris when he was a baby.  They had bought us some when Cole was born, so I dug it out to give it a try.

OH MY WORD this stuff became my new best friend.

In just a few hours, it is already clearing up the redness.  By the next morning, the diaper rash is usually completely gone.  GONE.

Note: not to be used with cloth diapers, since it can impair the absorbency, so I just use disposables for a while if Cole gets a rash!

Boat Trip

Cole had his first boat trip last weekend with Grammy and Papa.

Trying on the uber-uncomfortable life vest for the first time (but of course, safety is most important!):

 He was just fascinated by everything - the water, the trees, and oh yeah! the boat!

 More priceless expressions - this little mister of mine has SUCH an expressive face:

 Cole is sleeping at the moment, but this photo makes me want to stop whatever I am doing and run to smother that adorable face with kisses!  I'm not biased at all, but he is THE CUTEST BABY EVER!
 Toward the end, it started getting a bit chilly and bumpy - Cole hadn't napped (I KNOW, I was so surprised too! He's such a good napper! [sarcasm]), so he started to fuss a bit.  Good thing Daddy was there to keep him smiling:

We can't wait to go again, hopefully on a warmer day!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feeding Birds

We decided to take Cole to feed the ducks/geese on Sunday before Chris had to leave for his new job:
 But comes trouble:
 Fortunately, Cole was seriously just as excited to feed the obnoxious seagulls as the geese.  He's so animal crazy lately, any animal will do!

I love that little smile he's been doing lately! It's always something new... :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Park with Daddy

Chris was here for the weekend before starting his new job, so we took full advantage to have some family time.

On Saturday, we took Cole to the park to play and explore:

 Soooo happy to be hanging out with Daddy!
 Klamath Lake:

 Cole Chris wanted to go to the playground - Cole spent the whole time playing with bark chips.  This kid's all about the little things, he's not too interested in the big picture:

 He spied a seagull - the highlight of the day:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pinterest - the new time sucker

I have a new addiction.  And it comes at a REALLY bad time - I have so much to do around here, I really can't spare the time on a new addiction!

But when Morgan of the Ing Family blogged about Pinterest, I just HAD to go take a look. 

Two hours later, I was like OH MY GOSH it's like the creater of Pinterest has been spying on me and knows exactly what I want in a website.

My computer is full of folders with picture files, lists, and other random ideas with labels like "Make for Baby Girl Someday" (usually full of adorable dresses), "Quilting Ideas", "Kid Photography Inspiration", "Organization Ideas", etc.

Essentially, it's a way to find and catagorize cool and beautiful things you find on the internet. Once you sign up, you have a "board" where you can "pin" photos of anything and everything into different categories.  Some of my categories include "For the Home", "Organization", "Awesome Fashion", "Teaching Ideas", etc.

I love being able to share some of my more creative ideas and see what other cool things people have come up with.

I'm afraid packing may have to take a backseat a few evenings this week...Mandy has discovered the addiction of Pinterest!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a perfectly imperfect day

That was today.  Perfectly imperfect. 

I have soooo much to do.  Seriously, my to-do list is as long as my arm.  I have boxes piled up to ceiling in some spots, but whole entire rooms left unpacked still.  I have trips to Goodwill to make, boxes to gather, laundry to do, items to sell, things to purchase for our new to do.  Even with a lot of generous help from my in-laws, there's some things only I can do.

I'm a little overwhelmed.

So today, instead of panicking about how much there is to be done, I took a deep breath.  I took a nap with Cole.  We spent an hour this morning reading book after book after book and snuggling.  Cole dumped the dog's water and food bowls no less than five times (HIS idea of a good time, not necessarily mine!).  I made all of Cole's favorites for lunch (peaches and cottage cheese, watermelon, blueberries, cheese and crackers).  I tickled him and roughoused with him.  Cole unpacked the contents of three boxes I hadn't taped yet - that's ok.  We went outside to explore and Cole discovered the joys of dirt (including how funny it is to put handfuls of dirt on Mama's head - that was REALLY funny!).  

Even though my enormous to-do list is no shorter, we had an awesome day.  I felt like a great mama today.  I have all evening to pack - today needed to be about Cole.  I think I forget sometimes that as stressed and overwhelmed as I am with all the sudden changes in our lives, Cole is feeling the same way. 

So today we played.  And it was perfect. And the MOST perfect part? When Cole toddled right over to me, wrapped his arms around me, laid his head on my shoulder and gave me the sweetest hug in the entire world.  THAT made the whole day worth it.
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