Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blah Kinda Day

So I've been feeling kinda blah lately. Had to go on iron pills because I'm anemic, which are making me feel nauseous almost constantly - in addition, of course, to the usual morning sickness which still has me puking every day (even though I'm in my 3rd trimester!!!!). And on top of that, I was lonely. I miss my mom, I miss my sister, and I miss my friends - a LOT. So I decided I needed to do something to get myself out of my funk.

I spent an hour or two just cuddling with my sweet puppies.

Then I cleaned the kitchen, because everything looks better with a clean kitchen (Yes, people, this qualifies as CLEAN in my book).
Then I finished organizing/folding/putting away the baby's clothes. Nothing like folding little tiny onesies and jeans to make me feel better!

I made dinner for my hubby and even cracked open a bottle of sparkling cider for myself - not quite as delicious as a nice glass of wine, but definately added a little sparkle (hah! Get it? Sparkle?) to my meal.

Yesterday when I was in my funk, my sweet hubby (who knows me so well) knew the trick was to take me shopping. So we went to Ross and I got two new maternity tops - YES!! Having outgrown every single one of my non-maternity shirts, I have had a somewhat limited wardrobe...I am so glad to have a couple new shirts!
And then to top it all off, there was this beautiful rainbow, right outside my front door this afternoon.
And, I planned a coffee date with a friend for tomorrow night when I'm subbing in Klamath and Chris and I are going to register at Target this weekend - I'm already feeling better!


Last night, Chris and I are lying bed, getting ready to go to sleep, and Chris starts rubbing my belly like he does every night. Let's face it, it's so big, it's kinda hard NOT to rub it (like Buddha). And of course, Baby Boy is jumping and kicking and punching all around per his usual 10 pm antics... when all of a sudden, he kicks REALLY REALLY hard right where Chris' hand is! Chris jumped and was all, "WHOA!! It doesn't seem like he should be so strong as to make your belly move THAT much!" I was like, yeah, you should feel it from the inside, it's even weirder!!! Totally makes me think of the movie "Alien", with the ending where an alien is tearing its way out of Sigourney Weaver... yup, there's a super strong alien baby inside me!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Is it too early for nesting?

What do you think? Is it too early to be nesting? Lately, all I've wanted to do is clean and organize (ok, mostly organize...not quite as much on the cleaning). Organizing the kitchen, organizing the linen closet, organizing cords and wires for electronics, organizing name it, it's organized. And then, last weekend when we went to Portland, we picked up this baby: Yup, isn't gorgeous? It's a changing table and dresser in one! AND, it matches the crib we have. AND, it was only $25 on Craig's List!! My sister picked it up for us up in Portland and I'm so excited to have a place for the baby's clothes!

So then, of course, my nesting insticts turned to taking care of anything ALL WEEK I've been washing, drying, folding, organizing, and putting away all the baby's clothes. And oh yes, this baby is going to be one well-dressed little man! I am so excited to dress this little guy in all the clothes I've been collecting for years!

I've also gone through and washed all his blankets, sheets, burp clothes, and receiving blankets - like these cuties! Lovin' the green and brown!

And let's not forget these adorable little hats:

And ever since we found out we were having a boy, I've been on the lookout for sweet brown and blue fabrics to make a quilt...well, I have enough for two quilts! I'll be starting these soon.

And while we have our birth announcements all picked out, I've been on the watch for cute baby thank-you notes to start stocking up on - but, everything is too cutesy or too expensive. So here's my homemade baby thank-you's... I am loving how they turned out!

And check out this belly of mine!! Whew...getting hard to tie my shoes and pick anything up off the floor! And shaving my legs...let's just say it's been a while! :)

And my handsome hubby, soon-to-be-daddy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Any excuse to get together...

Yup, that's my Altamont crew! We use any excuse to get together...sometimes we don't even need an excuse! It's been heartbreaking being split up this year, but we manage to come together and have a blast - this time was a party/sleepover at the Running Y Ranch Resort.

These ladies are amazing! What a great big event, a cruise!! (We are seriously considering it - although, I don't know if they'd let such a wild bunch of women take over a cruise ship!!!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My plans for this week? Getting the baby's room started. It's currently just a modge-podge of randomness, complete with random cardboard boxes filled with papers that I never unpacked from our move and a big box of toilet paper (it wouldn't fit in the bathroom closet so for some reason it ended upstairs - not exactly convenient in a bathroom emergency). Next weekend we are going up to Portland to pick up the changing table/dresser, and hopefully getting some beautiful cream microsuede fabric to recover my glider. I can't wait to start washing, folding, and putting away our sweet baby's little clothes!

This weekend in Portland, one of my missions is to find some adorable baby toys like these:
Love the wool rainbow teething ring... sweet and simple!

A wood rattle.

And....drumroll please...the sweetest little play gym I've ever seen! If anyone if sees one of these babies for sale, please, please let me know! This is on the top of my must-have toy list.

Can you tell I'm all about the wood toys? I absolutely loath plastic, Toys R Us, icky toys with crazy too-bright colors and obnoxious sounds. I believe babies and kids are too often on information overload, with toys doing too much of the work. I think simple toys that are sturdy enough to last through generations are the way to go.

Lastly, I can't wait to find the perfect little going-home outfit for our little guy to come home from the hospital in. I have been searching for months and poor Chris is at his wit's end. I don't know exactly what I want, but I do know I'll know it when I see it! I'll be sure to post pics when I find it!

Dear Baby,

Dear Baby,
I could sit here, cuddled up with your daddy and your fur-sisters, just feeling you move in my belly all day long. Your kicks, punches, and somersaults are the highlight of my day. I am overwhelmed by how amazing you are already. I go through my day feeling your movements and am amazed that something so miraculous is happening in my body - it's like a special secret only you and I have. I picture myself kissing your tiny hands and sweet feet when you finally arrive, and I will think about how I first felt them.

Love, Mama

I have a craving

Yes, the irresistable cravings have begun. I'm talking desperate food urgings that just cannot be silenced or ignored. Last night, it was a jar of delicious sweet pickles...yum! Last week was grape cough syrup (I substituted grape popsicles - also delish!) But this morning, I am sad to say that I'm afraid the craving won't be quite as easy to satisfy. I need a Stanley's cream filled donut fix.

Not just any donut, or even any cream-filled donut. Oh no, this little baby boy is demanding that I immediately eat at least a dozen of Stanley's cream-filled donuts. Stanley's is a fantabulous donut shop that is very unfortunately located in Butler, Pennsylvania...just a short drive away! I have told this to the baby. I have calmly informed him that I cannot simply run down to the store and grab a Stanley's donut. I even Mapquested the directions to Stanleys to prove to him that it is 2581.99 miles to Stanley's, a trip that would take approximately 38 hours and 58 minutes. But this little baby will not listen to reason. He has his heart set on donuts. And they have to be Stanley's. And if you've ever had Stanley's, you would know just what I'm talking about! :)

So I'm off to call Stanley's to see if there's any way they can overnight a dozen cream-filled donuts to Oregon. Maybe I should make it two dozen - I still have over a hundred days of pregnancy left, there's no telling when I might have another craving like this!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

I am not one of those people that usually remember my dreams. But, since I've been pregnant, I've had super vivid, realistic dreams that I remember when I wake up. Last night's was the strangest yet!

I had a dream that I was upstairs in our bedroom doing laundry and cleaning up, when all of a sudden I go into labor (yeah, that's the funny part - I should be so lucky, to go into labor "all of a sudden"). Since I'm alone, I decide to just wait it out, since I know I will probably be in labor for a while before I deliver. But, suddenly I realize that I'm in full on labor and the baby's coming! Out comes the baby (pain-free, I might add, and looking quite a bit like the perfect little babies that come out in movies) and there I am, up and about trotting around putting the baby in the moses basket (HAH!).

But, wait! Not done yet! Out pops another one! This one's a boy too (and just as pain free), so I quite calmly wrap this baby up and put him in the crib. My biggest concern at this point is thinking of a name for him (not at all fazed that I have twins when I thought I was only having one baby). But, WAIT! Here comes ANOTHER baby!!! Yes, triplets - and this one is a girl! Again, I am quite calm and collected and simply hop up and wrap the baby up and put this one in the crib too - completely unfazed. My biggest worry right now is that I specifically asked the ultrasound tech at the ultrasounds if we were having twins and I'm super upset that she never told us it was triplets. I call Chris and say, "Guess what, babe? I just had our babies - we had triplets!"

And then I woke up. What a weird dream!!! Let me tell you, I would NOT be this calm and collected if suddenly I found out we were having triplets...not to mention the COMPLETELY unrealistic labor that I had in dreamland. Not that I wouldn't mind having a pain-free labor and delivery, but I'm not THAT misguided on how labor works! Just as long as it's not triplets, I'm pretty sure I can handle anything! :)
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