Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Third Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

A HEALTHY BABY!!!  woo-hoo!  It's been such a relief to go in for each ultrasound and midwife appointment and hear a strong heartbeat and see Baby squirming around in there.  After a year of stress and worry, thinking I might never be pregnant again with a healthy babe, it is so easy to appreciate the miracle of pregnancy. 

Also, Cole.  You guys, I have the coolest kid around.  He's been so excited for this baby, frequently planting kisses on my belly and practicing to be the most helpful big brother when Baby arrives. 

The Bad:

Urgh.  Blah.  Morning sickness.  All day sickness.  All day, all night, all pregnancy sickness.  Seriously, peeps, if I throw up one more time I am going on strike.  I cannot believe how sick I get during each of my pregnancies.  So much puking.  And not just throwing up - I have major food aversions too.  Like anything that is not liquid is a no-go.  I am always amazed that I come out of pregnancy with any weight gain at all, because I have SUCH a hard time eating anything at all when I'm pregnant.  Fortunately, I have plenty of extra weight to spare (fortunately??), so it's not like Baby is going to starve or anything, but the constant nausea and struggle to find something to eat gets pretty old.

And...the worry.  When our last pregnancy ended in miscarriage, one of the things I mourned the most was the loss of innocence.  Every little moment of joy is overshadowed (slightly) by moments of anxiety.  The first trimester was especially difficult - trying so hard to not be too excited, as a form of self-protection; yet desperately excited. 

We're pretty sure this is our last pregnancy, so I'm trying hard to relish all the good parts (the fluttering little kicks! watching Cole get excited! planning Baby's nursery! washing all those adorable baby clothes! stretchy maternity pants!) and keep perspective on the lack of appetite and nausea. 

Twenty weeks - halfway there!

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  1. That loss of innocence is so tough. Instead of getting excited when I see posting pregnancy announcements on Facebook at like 6 weeks, I cringe. You just can't enjoy being pregnant like you did before because it's a whole new level of worry. There's a whole new level of appreciation too though.


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