Saturday, May 31, 2014

Real Life Photography

Last weekend, we tried desperately, multiple times, to get a somewhat passable picture of all three cousins.


And failed.

I started out with high hopes, thinking that perhaps we might even get a smiling photo!  Nice genuine smiles!  After all, Cole is so used to being in front of the camera, he smiles easily on command.  Only two little ones to smile - that's easy for a pro photographer like me!

Haha.  Hahahahahahahahaha.

Ok.  So about the smiling thing.  Maybe they all don't HAVE to smile.  Maybe they can just all be looking at the camera.  They have cute, adorable little faces whether or not they are smiling, right?  I can get three kids to LOOK at me, all I have to do is be interesting enough to attract their gaze for a split second while I release the shutter!

Hm.  Ok then.  Well... so that's not going to work.  All right.  Plan C in motion.  I'll just settle for all three kids SITTING on the sofa.  They don't have to smile.  They don't have to even look at me - we can be all artistic in this photo and have a "candid" moment, right?

Well, not THAT candid.

Yup.  Not even Photoshop can make any of these work. 

But at least the point of photography is (partly) to capture real life, right?  And this is DEFINITELY real life!

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