Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Helper

A couple nights ago, Cole came in from playing outside while I was wrapping up Chase's bath.  He ran into the bathroom, immediately knelt down beside me and started playing with Chase.  As I gave Chase his one minute warning, Cole pulled Chase's towel down and handed it to me.  I wrapped Chase up and Cole hurried into the room ahead of me and closed the curtains, turned on the sound machine, and laid out Chase's pajamas and sleep sack. 

I thanked Cole for all his help, and as I started to dress Chase, Cole said to me: "OK MAMA, I'LL JUST RUN DOWN AND HEAT UP CHASE'S BOTTLE FOR YOU, OK?"

And I proceeded to die from the cuteness of my oldest son.

I'm pretty sure I could just go take a nap and let Cole take care of Chase - he's pretty much got it down!

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