Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Britt Gardens

We had this crazy run of amazing, beautiful weather - even on the weekends! - so I have just been itching to get us outside as much as possible. 

Saturday we drove out to Jacksonville to explore the Britt Gardens.  They have about a million miles of easy hiking trails, perfect for kids.

 Cole has been super interested in trees lately - moss, bark, holes, knotholes, the works.  I think we must have answered five hundred questions from him during the hike!
 Made it to the top!
 Climbing trees:
 Cole made a ladybug friend on the way home.  This was before he piled a bunch of leaves on it as a "bed", then explained to me that he was going to leave the ladybug there so he could be with his ladybug friends.
Hoping for more sunshine this weekend for more outdoor adventures!

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