Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beach Time!

Summer has barely began, and already we've had almost two weeks straights of temps 100-111 degrees.  That's hot, people! And hot is a different things when you have kids... there's only so many days you can stay cooped up with the AC blasting.  So last weekend, we got the heck outta town to the beach!
 30 seconds in and already having a blast!
 Gotta enjoy the view from all angles!
 Sweet brothers!
 So many big smiles!
 Sand and water...two of my boys' favorite things!
We all find Chase's new way of running hysterical! Arms outstretched behind him like he's trying for liftoff!
 Cole had the patience of a saint... he kept trying to build a sandcastle, but Chase just wanted to come sit on it every time he got it started!  Finally, he figured out to build one for Chase to sit and play on, and then built one for himself next to it.  Little shadow - Chase wants to be right wherever Cole is!
 Chasing seagulls!
 And then Cole decided he wanted to dig a big hole.  He started digging, so then Chase plopped himself on the side of the hole and proceeded to throw sand into the hole with the same single-minded purpose that Cole was removing sand!  Fortunately, Cole was just loving being there with Chase - "OK CHASE! THAT'S OK IF YOU WANT TO THROW SAND IN THE HOLE! THAT'S YOUR JOB, YOU PUT SAND IN, AND I'LL DIG IT OUT. WE ARE A GOOD TEAM!"
A perfect, sandy day with our family!

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