Sunday, September 6, 2015

Table Rock Hike

A few weeks ago when my mom was up visiting, she had the great idea that we should hike our local Table Rock.  I find it hysterical that it's labeled an "easy" hike, because folks, this was NOT easy.  Lucky my mom's tough! (and so is Cole!)

We woke up early to go while it was still cool - and then went out to breakfast as a reward for making it to the top.  I'm pretty sure the thought of piping hot French toast and scrambled eggs was the only thing that kept my legs climbing those steep trails!

 Yeah, CHASE was all smiles... he had a free ride up to the top. Next time he can carry ME.

 Finally at the top!

Mandy Brown Figueroa's photo.

 Still a bit smoky, but a beautiful view nonetheless.

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