Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween!

I just love doing a family themed Halloween costume.  It's such a fun challenge for me to figure out how to make everything! We were really struggling this year with agreeing on something - the last few years Cole has stated his opinion and we made it work from there, but this year was trickier.  Finally, he declared he wanted a panther costume, and Chase enthusiastically agreed to be a lion (his favorite animal!) so our zoo theme was born.

This year was my first time actually making a onesie for Isla - I couldn't find just what I was looking for, and when I spied this fabric I knew it was perfect! 

 Cole chose his fabric, informed me of the exact design he wanted, and specified that he wanted a mask with "red sparkly eyes" so that he looked "so fierce".  

 Oh my - and this adorable lion.  He was so easy to please with his costume - our only problem was that he didn't want to take it off!  I made it so soft like his favorite footie pajamas and Chase was a huge fan!

 Happy Halloween!

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