Monday, September 17, 2012

Proof of Genius

Sorry, I have to take a minute to brag here.

Obviously, my child is awesome and amazing and brilliant and fantastic in every way.  Obvs.  But today? Today I have VIDEO PROOF of how amazing he is!

And you know how video proof is indisputable and everything.

The thing is, for some random reason, Cole knows all his letters.

I know what you're thinking - teacher mama, probably sits in front of him hours a day holding up flash cards, FORCING him to learn his letters.

Um, nope.

We have refrigerator letter magnets, and we have foam letters in the tub - and that's it.  If he points to a letter while we're reading, I'll tell him what it is.  But I don't ever "teach" him - we simply take advantage of teachable moments.

Also, I think it's partly Cole's personality.  I think he's just going to be that kind of kid - the kind who's really interested in things like letters and numbers.

So I'm hugely proud of my 25 month old child being able to identify all his letters (he doesn't even know the ABC song!) and I'm always trying to show it off to everyone ("Hey Cole!  What's this letter?"), but since my child also suffers from debilitating shyness in addition to his letter smarts, no one ever gets to appreciate his genius and instead I just get pitying looks ("Oh that poor mama.  She probably just wants us to THINK her child knows all his letters, when he actually can't even say his own name!  Braggart...").

Hence: the PROOF.  On video.  On very poor quality video, but there you are.

He can also count to ten:

And a bonus! Adorable animal noises for your entertainment:

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