Sunday, February 10, 2013

On Boredom

One day a few months ago, Cole and I were riding his bike around our neighborhood.  He steered his bike carefully around a rock on the road, then spotted a tree with various berries and branches under it.  He hopped off his bike and went to investigate. 

At that moment, a lady walking her dog went by and commented, "He's bored already, huh?"

I smiled at her, but in my head I thought how untrue that is.  As adults, we get bored - and I think we impart that mentality on our kids.  But the truth is that kids DON'T get bored.  Boredom is entirely taught to them by us - by directing their play, by showing them how to play with toys, by feeling as though we need to provide them entertainment.

I can honestly say that I was never, ever bored as a child.  There was always something to do - ride bikes, sew a dress for my doll, read a book.  And Cole is never bored either...on the contrary, he is often so very interested in so many things, he flits from activity to activity because he is so interested in everything all at once.

 What do you think about kids and boredom?

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