Saturday, February 23, 2013

Roxy Ann Hike

Last weekend was so gorgeous, we decided to check something off our bucket list that's been on there for over a year: hike Roxy Ann Peak.

The views were absolutely breathtaking from the get-go:
 It always makes a hike easier for me, if the view is gorgeous enough to distract me from the physical part of hiking!

 Cole switched between the backpack and running as fast as he could:

 Mad balancing skillz:

 Another first: Cole's first time peeing outside!  He was delighted, running back to me saying, "MAMA! COLE PEE ON YLOG!"

 Made it to the top!  

 See the tower at the top?  That's where we were!  And now every time we drive anywhere in town, Cole asks, "SEE TO-WER? SEE HIKE UP TO-WER?" He's so proud to have made it up to the top!

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