Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taste of Jacksonville

oh dear.

Blogger fail.

I've sorely neglected the ol' bloggity blog this past month or two.  Trust me, it's not from lack of wanting to blog, it just hasn't been in the cards time-wise.

So here's time for catch-up!

The first weekend in June was the annual Taste of Jacksonville celebration - always so much fun!

Father and son:
 Enjoying the live music:
 The "HUMUNGOUS TRW-ACTOR!" is always a hit:
 And Cole's favorite part of the day?  Ice cream, of course.  Seriously, this kid has THE BIGGEST sweet tooth - he spent the whole time telling us (we were all sharing one bowl) "DADDY, NO EAT ALL ICE CREAM! MAMA, NO EAT ALL UP! ICE CREAM FOR COLE!"
Going out with my favorite peeps, so glad we're back to normal routine around here!

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