Friday, July 12, 2013

Seaside, Day 1

Last month, we took a long weekend vacation with Chris' family to Seaside, OR.  It was a slow and relaxing vacation - the kind where Cole got a full nap and in bed on time every single day!  Made for a lovely time - and we were not at loss for things to do:

First, we visited the Seaside Aquarium, which was just the right size for a little guy's attention span.  Cole loved the octopus and squid, was NOT a fan of touching the sea anemones, and his favorite was the seals!

 Next, we walked to the local strip mall, which has the most gorgeous carousel!  Cole absolutely loved it!

 We also rented a bicycle surrey - Cole had the best seat, of course!

 "A surrey with a fringe on top!"

We also bought a kite - Cole thought it was pretty cool!

More photos to come!

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