Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cole's 5th Dinosaur Birthday Party!

For Cole's fifth birthday party, he requested a Dinosaur theme.  We had a great time surfing Pinterest together so he could pick out exactly what he wanted.  His two biggest requests? A dinosaur piñata and chocolate cake!  Such a sweet tooth this boy has.

Gram generously granted his piñata wish and his chocolate dino cake was a lovely group effort!

 All the dinosaurs needed party hats, too :)
 We had food for herbivores and carnivores: veggies and meatballs!
 Gram and Cole made these fantastic dinosaur sugar cookies:
 Cole absolutely LOVES dressing the same as Chase, so it made his day to be wearing the same clothes!
 Pinata time!
 And many wonderful gifts from our friends and family:
And his birthday invitation:

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