Sunday, September 11, 2016

Enchanted Forest

On our way home from Portland last weekend, we stopped in Salem at the Enchanted Forest.  It's right on the side of I-5 and I've always wanted to check it out!  Meg and Rowen joined us, which was the highlight for my boys who just adore their "COUSIN WO-WO!". 

So the Enchanted Forest is a kitschy "theme park" based on fairy tales - here's Humpty Dumpty:

The hills were a little steep and narrow for a double stroller, but we made it!

Cole and Ro braved the slide down the witch's hair!

The crooked house - my favorite was the poses these hams did!

This happy little girl enjoyed herself too!

Cole even rode on his very first roller coaster!  

Olde English Village:

I love when we get our kids together, the cousins get along SO well and always have a blast! 

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