Tuesday, September 13, 2016


"Children are born with wings,
but not yet ready to fly.
Some push them out of the nest,
expose them to the elements, and
leave them to struggle on their own.
Some weigh them down with criticism,
clipping their wings and
keeping them forever earthbound.
But those who know the joy of flight
nurture their strengths,
guide their fledgling flights,
and lift them up
until they're
ready to soar
on their own."

-LR Knost

These decisions about Cole's education have plagued me since day one - when do I let go?  When do I trust that he has his wings and is ready to soar, farther away from me?  Am I letting my own feelings and fear about new schools shape my decisions for his education?  What if he's not ready yet, what if I'm pushing him out of our cozy home nest too soon?

But at this point, I have to trust in my gut feeling.  As scary as it is to do change, to do hard things, to embark on new adventures - THIS is the right path for Cole, for our family.  It will be hard for a little while, as new things always are.  It will be sad letting go of the peaceful family pajama days of the past.  It's yet another tangible way Cole is growing up and away from us.  But I have done everything I can to give him a strong foundation, a strong past rooted in a loving and respectful childhood, sweet sibling relationships, and lots of mama snuggles.  

I hope he brings those roots with him on his new adventure in school.

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