Monday, October 31, 2016

Pumpkin Carving

Cole was SO excited to carve his pumpkin this year!  He's at the age where he can vividly remember each year's traditions, which helps him anticipate them.

He still was absolutely grossed out by the guts, however - but once I scraped the inside clean, he went to town with his characteristic determination and focus!

 Always the tongue out when he's concentrating!

 Chase also was completely unimpressed and disgusted with the guts!  He sat with me and we drew out the face together according to his specifications.  Two triangle eyes and a scared face mouth like an oval!

 This is what his pumpkin's face looks like:

 "It's my best one yet." Cole matter-of-factly and modestly declared.  "The mouth is a little wide, but that's ok."

The eyebrows are my favorite part! I love this time of year with my amazing and fun boys!

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