Tuesday, April 3, 2018

An End of an Era

On Easter Sunday, Cole corned me while Chase was in the hall and whispered:

"Mama, did the Easter Bunny bring my Easter basket or was it you?"

I've been anticipating this question for a while.  His questions have become progressively more probing and curious about "magical" things.  I've always said something along the lines of "Well, what do you think?"... but I knew I never wanted to lie.  And my personal belief system with kids is that if they're old enough to ask the question, they are old enough to receive a direct and honest answer.

I whispered back, "It was me, sweetie."

"Was it you just this time or all the times?" he whispered, still conscious of Chase.

"All of the times."

He looked at me, grinned a big smile, and wrapped his arms around me tightly. "Then thank you for all those baskets, Mom!"

This boy.  His loving, thoughtful, generous heart.  In all the years I've pictured this conversation, I never imagined it ending up like this.  He exceeds all my expectations.  I just can't believe I get to be his mama!

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