Monday, April 9, 2018

Bigfoot Trap Hike

Every year I search for new adventures for our family, and every year I think we've done them all... but we never run out of fun new things to do around here! 

Our latest find was a fun little hike to an old Bigfoot trap - yes, really!  Apparently the person who built the trap truly believed it would catch Bigfoot! Well, we didn't spy Bigfoot but the hike was lovely - shaded, easy enough for the kids to hike the whole way, and lots of creeks, bridges, and climbing for the boys!
 This little guy just had the best attitude! "I YUV DIS HIKE, MAMA! IT'S SO FUN!"

 We found it!

 Snack break!

 And this wee one walked the whole way back!  "WHOA!!" she'd exclaim every time she lost her balance. It was adorable. 
 My favorites:
Love going on adventures with my family! 

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