Friday, May 3, 2013

Applegate Lake

It is finally warming up to some really warm temperatures around here.  Since it was getting so hot this past weekend, we decided to go in search of some water to play in - enter Applegate Lake!

After a beautiful drive, we arrived at the lake with our picnic lunch:

The beach was perfect for Cole to play - a gentle sloping sandy beach into the cold (but not freezing) water:

My favorite kinds of days - sitting in the sun, watching Cole play happily. 
 Sticks + rocks + water = one VERY happy little boy!
 Oh yes...we were THOSE parents, the ones who let their child play in the water in their clothes...we've been so busy with moving, I haven't had a chance to go buy Cole a swimsuit for this summer!  You KNOW I'm busy when I haven't had time to go shopping for my little mister!
Swimming lessons with Daddy!
Summer days!

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