Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ashland Festival of Light

This year, we decided last minute to brave the crowds and attend Ashland's Christmas Parade and Festival of Light. 

A huge deciding factor in this decision was Cole's reaction every single time we see a house decorated with Christmas lights - he gasps loudly and exclaims, "LOOK MAMA! LOOK AT THAT! CHRISTMAS YIGHTS!". Every. Single. Time.  It's adorable.  He LOVES them.

So a parade that ends with the entire downtown main street being lit up with millions of lights? Yup, we thought Cole would pretty much love that.

And he did. 

He adored the parade.  Daddy put him up on his shoulders so he could see over the crowds and he was so interested and excited he was pretty much silent - didn't want to miss a thing, you see.

And then when Santa flipped the switch to turn on the lights...well, let's just say it was a pretty awesome parenting moment to see the glow of all those lights reflected in his face. 

This season...made so much more special and amazing through the eyes of a child.

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