Thursday, January 22, 2015

One Year Old

Our little Chase Asher turned one on Monday!

I absolutely CANNOT believe he is already one - this year has flown by in a blur of sleeplessness, laughter, stress, and joy.

At one year, Chase:

- LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat.  He eats everything and anything - except occasionally vegetables, which he drops over the edge of his highchair tray with great disdain.  He shovels food into his mouth very coordinated, with both hands.  He occasionally screams when I don't get food on his tray or in his mouth fast enough, so we are totally working on that.

- is sleeping better.  We're on a great schedule, most nights he's waking only once a night and sleeping from 5:30 pm - 6:00 am. 

- is still on the small side.  Even with all his eating, he's in 9-12 month clothes and 0-6 month shoes.  Little peanut!

- ADORES his big brother, unless Cole tries to prevent him from doing something he wants, like open the garbage can lid or eat dog food.  Then there's a lot of screaming.  But most of the time, those two are best buddies.

- is a pretty serious little guy. He smiles a lot but doesn't laugh very much!

- crawls super fast, cruises along furniture, but doesn't stand on his own or walk yet.  I think it'll be another couple of months before he's walking.  Climbing, however, is another story.  He climbs up the stairs like a boss, up onto furniture, and over anything in his path. 

- isn't interested in anything with a funny texture.  Gel window clings, loufa pouf thingys, and homemade GAK are all things he refuses to touch and it's hysterical.  If presented with one, he gingerly grabs at the air around it without actually touching it, and if he does accidentally brush up against it, he quickly withdraws his hand and won't go near it again.

-says "MAMA" and "DADA" occasionally, but no other recognizable words yet.

We love you, Chase! Happy, happy first birthday!

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