Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snow Day at Crater Lake

I've been itching for a bit of an adventure the past few weeks.  October through December is always so packed full of fun activities, it can be a total letdown when boring old January arrives and there's nothing fun to do.  So we decided to take advantage of a beautifully clear and sunny day to head up to Crater Lake.
 Just so beautiful!
 Chase's first sight of snow!
 Chris found a perfect little hill for sledding: slight downhill into a meadow, and almost nobody there! And look at the view - perfection!
 Cole had SO much fun sledding!
 A bit of hot cocoa for a special sledding treat - NOT that we needed it for warming up, it was a balmy 55 degrees!
 See Chris in his T-shirt? yup, I don't think either of us had on our coats the entire time.  It was gorgeous!
 Chase enjoyed his first sledding experience too!
Just what we needed to rejuvenate ourselves for the rest of the dreary winter!

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