Thursday, April 23, 2015

All About Chase Face

This age is just SO fun with Chase.  He's sleeping really well, he's slightly more independent, and life in general is smoother and more relaxed.

Right now, Chase LOVES:

  • Food.  So. much. food.  He eats a lot and ENJOYS every single bite.  On the rare occasions I serve him with a plate or bowl, he tends to just skip over the middleman and lick his food right off the plate - takes too long to use his hands!  Absolute favorites include pasta, bananas (he would eat a whole banana for every meal if I would allow it!), prunes, raspberries, yogurt, blueberries, and peas. 
  • Brushing his teeth.  Not just brushing, but his toothbrush and toothpaste too.  First thing in the morning, Chase likes to snuggle on my lap for a little while, but only once he has his toothbrush clutched in one hand and his toothpaste tube in the other.  He seriously loves them both!
  • Hats.  Well, more specifically, putting things on and taking them off his head, whether they are hats or not.  He gets insanely proud of himself for putting something on his head, and gets the most adorable proud and funny look once he places a hat, bowl, or book cockeyed on his head!
  • Climbing.  Chase is going to be our little climber.  If I forget to turn over our rocking chair, he'll scramble up that thing and stand up and rock!  He still unfortunately manages to squeeze under our baby gate to climb as fast as he can up the stairs, laughing gleefully the whole way up.  He tries to climb just about anything he's able to reach!

  • Reading!!  I'm super super excited about this.  Cole loved reading from literally day one (I read him books as soon as I brought him home from the hospital and he loved them!), but Chase has been a bit slower to fall in love.  Waiting patiently has paid off, however.  Chase will now sit for several board books and one or two regular paperbacks.  The cutest thing ever is when he spies me reading to Cole and toddles over to climb onto my lap to see and hear too!  He just hops onto my lap, leans his head back into my chest (he likes to lounge), and kicks his feet while we read.

  • Being silly.  He is our little class clown.  Chase has funny expressions, loves to imitate and exaggerate our facial expressions, giggles with the most infectious little laugh, and does crazy gymnastics on the floor (leaning upside down on his head, rolling over hysterically, and sliding on the floor on his tummy) to make us all laugh.  He is just SO MUCH FUN and has so much personality bursting out!
  • Saying "THIS". or more accurately, "DIS! DIS!" He says about five words (MAMA, DADA, THIS, DOG, and BOOK) but "DIS" seems to be the favorite as he says it about five trillion times a day.  It's adorable.  He just wants to know what everything is!
Love this little guy so much!

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