Friday, April 3, 2015

The Farm

We managed to squeeze in one big outing with all the cousins: a trip to the farm!

After getting horribly lost and 45 mins late (thanks a lot, Siri!), we found the place and jumped right in to getting to know the farm animals.

Rowen has zero fear - there were three HUGE dogs and one big one, and girlfriend ran right to those furry monsters and gave them big adorable hugs.  It was unanimously agreed between Ro and Cole that the dogs were the favorite.

My dear friend Megan and Chauncey joined us.
While we were there, a baby goat was being born!

These baby piggies were only day old.  I sure felt sorry for this mama!!


Best thing ever, listening to these three talk to each other!

Snack break! Goldfish crackers are always a good idea.

Sandwiched by my two favorite Meaghans (or Megans)!

Such a fun outing, and a great learning experience!

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