Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chase's Big Boy Bed!

We moved Chase into his toddler bed this weekend! He's been at the top of the height restriction for a few months now, but I was nervous so I kept putting it off. He still seems to small and young to be in a vulnerable bed instead of his safe crib! But, as usual, the transition was a million times smoother than I anticipated... Helped out, of course, by Cole's genuine excitement for his brother and his generous sharing of his special blankies to ease the transition!

Chase slept great and didn't get out/fall out once! I'm sure he will eventually figure out he can get out and explore, but I'll take it for now. Cole was so excited to see Chase the next morning he fairly flew out of his bedroom to run in to see Chase and enthusiastically ask him how he slept! Snuggles were exchanged and I'm pretty sure that was both of their favorite parts of the new bed. Cole also informed me that he had been listening during the night to make sure Chase was ok - such a good big brother!

And both boys' favorite part? Definitely the snuggles!

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