Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Cole was in charge of choosing our Halloween costumes this year - he's never seen the Star Wars movies, of course (the Claymation Rudolph still gives him nightmares... I don't think his sensitive little soul would do well with Star Wars!), but he's been enamored with seeing pictures of Darth Vader.  So - that's what we did!

While Cole was a bit disappointed I didn't have time to make costumes for the dogs (he had his heart set on Nala being Chewbacca and Chloe being Luke Skywalker), he was super duper happy with his costume.  I'm pretty sure he put it on every single day from the moment I finished it!
I made his helmet and mask separately so he could take it off for better visibility when we were trick or treating.

And Chase - well, he loved his hat and costume too!  His first time trick-or-treating was a blast - he had the BEST time walking around the neighborhood, holding all his candy in his hot little hands because he refused to put it in a bag! He had the friendliest little "BYE!" every time we left a house - it was just so fun.
Han Solo and Princess Leia completed our family costumes! Such fun family memories.

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