Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cole says...

Quotable Quotes from Cole:

Me: "I'm glad you're here, because I'm going to need your opinion."

Cole: "Oh, I have HUNDREDS of opinions."

Cole: "This book forgets my minds!" (I think he meant blew his mind?)

Cole: "That doesn't rhyme, Daddy."

Dad: "It's close, though."

Cole: " Nope, it's far away. Not even close."

Cole: "What is that bird carrying?"

Me: "It's a kite."

Cole: "Why is the bird carrying a kite?"

(sees a picture of the Statue of Liberty)
Cole: "I like her ice cream cone she's holding. I think it's vanilla."

Me: "Haha! Wasn't that a funny joke I just told?"

Cole: "Well, not really."

Cole: "Now that I'm six, I'm practically a grown up."

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