Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pirate Party

Cole requested last year (the day after his fifth birthday party, to be exact) a Pirate Party for his sixth (!!!) birthday!  

We had so much fun planning and preparing.  Cole specifically requested people wear pirate costumes, a pirate ship cake, and a pirate pinata.  With Gram and Pap's help, we managed to meet all three requests!

Pirate family - Isla was a parrot!

Pap was an extremely realistic Captain Jack Sparrow!  Chase was a little nervous around him...

And the cake!  It turned out fantastic.

Lots of eager kiddos waiting for pinata turn:

And Ben busts it open! Perfect action shot:

An incredible party!  I can't believe our little boy is six years old! And now onto planning next year's party!

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