Thursday, June 30, 2016

All About Isla

This sweet, beautiful little girl has just slipped right on into our family like she was meant to be here all along!  Isla is an easygoing, peaceful baby; there's not much she has strong opinions about!

 Look at those beautiful blue eyes!


Isla loves faces (especially big brothers'!), books, music (singing!), and being outside.  She loves her bedroom - the mural on the wall captures her attention every single time we go in there - and ceiling fans.  She loves her crib, the co sleeper, and the car seat.

Doesn't love:

Isla's not a fan of baths, her pacifier (she makes a face like she's going to gag!), and cold wipes on her bum!

I was a little nervous about going from two kids to three - this daughter of mine is making it a pretty seamless transition!

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