Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cole, right now

1.  He loves to tell me to be careful.  If I bump into the table, it's "MAMA, BE CAREFUL! NO BUMP TABLE!"  Or if I clink my glass with my plate, it's "MAMA, BE CAREFUL! NO BREAK DISHES! BE WERRY (VERY) CAREFUL!" all with a super serious look on his face.

2. Favorite colors are orange, pink, and blue.

3. Has no less than fifteen books completely memorized.  Word for word.  Now getting him to actually recite those books is another matter...stubborn little guy.

4. ADORES babies.  Gets super upset when anyone is crying.

5. His favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.  If he even overhears Chris asking me if we should eat out, he pipes up, "O-YIVE GARDEN! EAT O-YIVE GARDEN RESTRAURANT! COLE EAT BREADSTICKS!".  He's always willing to overcome his shyness to ask our server for "MORE BREADSTICKS PEESE!".  It's pretty adorable.

6.  Remains the most sensitive and empathetic child I've ever met.  He reads emotions so intuitively - I have to be careful to be really honest with him when I'm upset, because he recognizes it immediately.  "Cole, I'm feeling sad right now, but not because of anything you did, ok?  I'm really happy with you."  And then he gives me a hug and kiss to help me feel better.

7. Likes to choose his own spots and poses for photos now.  He'll search around to choose "just the right" spot, pose stiffly and look at me with the cutest, cheesiest grin ever:

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