Monday, March 11, 2013


Dear Cole,

Every once in a while, while I'm observing you at play (or "WORKING FERRY FERRY [very] HARD, MAMA!"), I catch a little glimpse of your personality.  Of traits and distinguishing features that might play a larger part in your future.

I think about how organized and specific you are with your toys.  If you are not in the middle of a project, you always put them away in the exact right spot you chose for them.  You take the time to make sure things are "right" - no sloppiness here - delighting in the "menial" organizing tasks.

And I wonder if you might become a financial analyst or banker.

I think about how you take such joy in the process of your play and "work".  How you don't take shortcuts.  How you would methodically use each and every marker one time when making art, lining up the used ones in one pile, so orderly. 

And I wonder if you might become a scientist, a researcher, with your thoroughness and attention to detail.

I think about how much you love to run and run, yet you can spend literally hours listening to books or reading books on your own.

And I wonder if you might become an Olympic runner or a book editor.

I think about how interested you are, how curious with "how things work".  I think about your fascination with bones and muscles.

And I wonder if you might become a doctor or a surgeon.

I think about how much you enjoy being in the kitchen with me, "helping" with every step of baking, delighting with measuring and pouring and stirring.  And if you are not allowed to help for some reason, how you patiently sit on the barstools across the counter with your head in your hands, chatting to me happily, watching every step, and asking a million questions. 

And I wonder if you might be a chef.

I think about how you love to build with your blocks - stacking them to make "TOWNHOUSES! CASTLE! CHURCH!" - using various sizes, practicing which ones will stack and how high you can build them. 

And I wonder if you might be an engineer.

And then, sometimes, I wonder how I can possibly stand to wait to see what you will choose to do with your wonderful talents.  How I am so excited to see what your future holds.

But then, I think about how fast you are growing in front of my very eyes...and I think that I can wait patiently for a very long time.

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