Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Adorableness

1. Last week, Cole received his first compliment about his speech.  We were all chatting at a restaurant before dinner and the server told us she thought he spoke very well for his age!

2.  After his bath, Cole always tells me his fingers feel "fuzzy".  It's such an accurate description for prune-y fingers!

3.  Cole adores plaid, stripes, and argyle.  He's also started trying to pick out my clothes in addition to his own for the day - it's usually "STRIPES, MAMA!  WEAR STRIPES SHIRT!".  And then he tries to insist that I wear two different shoes.

4.  I was working on a craft project (a St Patrick's Day banner) and hung it up during Cole's nap.  When he woke up and came out to the living room, he pointed to the bunting and said, "SO NICE, MAMA!  DIS SO NICE!" A compliment from my two year old!

5. His perspective on things still makes me laugh.  Last week, he came up to me and asked for tape.  I gave it to him and watched what he was going to do with it - he proceeded to tape the tops of two of his convertible matchbox cars!  "CARS BROKEN, MAMA!  NEED TAPE, FIX BROKEN CARS!"  Since they didn't have roofs, Cole decided he needed to make a roof for them!

6. After peeing the other day, he ran to see me and announced, "MAMA! COLE'S PEE YOOK YIKE PLANE CONTRAIL!" I laughed so hard.

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