Friday, September 27, 2013

Gender Reveal Party!

I seriously wasn't sure about doing a gender reveal party... I mean, does anyone really care that much?  Is it self-centered to assume that people would come to a party just to find out what we're having? 

But in the end, I figured we hadn't really had a party in our new house yet, so I seized onto the excuse to have our friends over.  And I'm so glad we did.  It wasn't anything extra special or fancy, just a bunch of families with kiddos over, but we all just had the loveliest time. 

Everyone voted!

 I'm pretty sure Cole asked me when he could have a cupcake about seven million times.  He was THAT excited.  This boy has a major sweet tooth.
 Cutting the cake...the inside was dyed blue for our Baby Brother!
 Blue cake!
So much fun - kiddos running around playing, mamas talking, and husbands chatting around the grill.  Its just what a pictured when we moved into our house - I'm so glad we had everyone over!

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