Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer in our Back Yard

Without a doubt, I can sum up our summer with memories from our backyard.  Truly, a house with a backyard is the absolute BEST investment we've ever made.  We've spent countless hours back there, getting dirty, running through sprinklers, playing with the dogs - it's been worth its weight in gold.

I adore sitting on our back patio, reading a book and keeping an eye on Cole while he enthusiastically plays with the dogs or in his sandbox.  He doesn't have a playset (yet) or even more than a couple of toys, but he is out there for HOURS with just sticks and balls and mud.

 Using his "lawnmower".  I often think I should get him a toy lawnmower, but then I realize how much better it is for him to use his imagination and pretend.  Why buy him something else when he is perfectly happy with what he already has?
 Oh, this face.  This is Cole's "concentration" face:
What about you?  Where was the majority of your summer spent?

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