Friday, September 13, 2013

Playing Catch

The older Cole gets, the more Chris especially has enjoyed playing with him.  Teaching him to catch and to throw has been high up on Chris' must-do list with Cole - and I'm thankful to announce that Cole has so far NOT shown any sign of my athletic genes (or lack thereof).  While it remains to be seen if he is as freakishly coordinated and athletic as Chris is, we are at least grateful that Cole will not be breaking any windows while throwing a hammer up to anyone on the roof (I really must tell you that story sometime) (yes, I seriously did that. It's right up there in my top ten most embarrassing moments).

 Here's my favorite part of playing with Cole: He never, ever gives up.  He never, ever gets frustrated.  Seriously, NEVER.  He'll make mistakes and the ball will go flying in a crazy direction - he'll run to it, laughing hysterically - it makes no difference to him how "well" he plays, he simply finds the joy in playing.  What a lesson this little boy is teaching.
 ...and, he caught it!
 Daddy's giving some pointers:

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