Wednesday, November 20, 2013

my favorite

This morning, we had a couple errands to do.  Usually, we don't leave the house till the afternoon, because it's just too much work to get out and about before Cole's nap at 10:30, but our afternoon was already booked. 

First, we stopped at the mall.  Even though most of the stores were closed, Cole requested we take a few minutes after we made our purchase to walk around and "SEE THE CROWDS, PEESE!".  Well, "crowds" consisted of elderly mall walkers, but we took our time and peeked through the bars of each store we passed.  Cole pointed out trains, stuffed animals, store displays that he enjoyed.  We observed the hanging Christmas garland and twinkle lights from the ceiling ("EMPLOYEES USED A LADDER! TALL TALL TALL LADDER!").  Then, we discovered Santa Land, all set up but no Santa yet.  Cole was enamored with joy, taking ten or fifteen minutes to walk all the way around and make all his observations about each tiny Christmasy detail. 

After our leisurely walk back through the mall and to our car, I reveled in the sweet moments.  So, so often I feel as though people rush their kids through life.  I'm totally guilty of it as well - errands to do, playdates to make, dinner to arrange.  Some days are just busy - and as a stay-at-home mom with not too much to do, I can only imagine how crazy it must be for working parents. 

But those precious, precious moments just walking through the mall - no hurry, no schedule, being able to say "yes" to each one of Cole's requests - it was so indescribably fantastic.  Relaxing.  Chatting with each other.  His little hand holding tight to mine while he takes in life at his own childish pace.  I am so very grateful that we can take the time to just slow down and look at twinkle lights for five minutes.  What better way to help my son know how important he is to me, right?

We are so fortunate that we can give Cole and each other so many things - an incredible house and home, good food to eat, all the toys and clothes any of us could ever want.  But it seems I constantly need a good reminder that TIME, just quality, unrushed, "yes" time, is the best and most precious thing of all.

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