Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Random Adorableness

Some adorable things Cole's been up to lately:

- His love of books and stories is evident in everything he does.  During his imaginative play, he's been making "tearwater tea" (from "Owl at Home"), and porridge, (from "Goldilocks").

- He recently discovered our copy of "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" by Dr. Suess and enjoyed it so much he searched for all our other Dr. Suess books.  His newest favorite? "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", which he refers to as "The Grump" :)

- He has an incredible memory still.  He's literally the MOST observant child I've ever met.  The other day, he repeated an entire inane conversation Chris had with our neighbor almost word for word, even though the conversation took place several days before:
"Daddy was outside working on gutters and neighbor Mike came over and said hi and daddy said how are you doing and neighbor Mike said good and Daddy said 'just working on these gutters' and neighbor Mike said yup and dat little girl had bowl of ice cream and she was patting it with spoon like dis."

He also notices crazy tiny things, like when our neighbors took down their flag and when a teeny light changed color on the inside of our refrigerator.

-One of his favorite things to play with is instruction manuals.  You know those little booklets with teeny tiny print that come along with your electronics?  Yup, he adores them.

-He refers to umbrellas as "SUNBRELLA"s, he asks me to put sunscreen on him so he doesn't get "BURNED OUT" instead of sunburned, he calls pineapple "PINEPEPPER", and he calls Raisin Bran cereal "SUNSHINE CEREAL" (because of the sun on the front of the box).

- We were in Target and a (rather large) lady bent down in front of us to pick something up off the floor.  Cole looked at her, then announced very loudly, "THAT LADY HAS A WEALLY BIG BUM!"  I just about died from both embarrassment and from trying not to burst out laughing! 

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