Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I've had some questions about our plans for birth for Baby Brother.  Just like before, we are planning on a natural birth at a freestanding birth center.  And I am so, so excited.

I know, weird.  Who gets excited to be in unimaginable pain for an unspecified length of time?  Especially since at a birth center, I will not have any medical pain relief options.  But I am confident the experience will be super amazing.

Case in point:  when I went to fill out my birth plan, there literally wasn't anything I needed to request.  Everything we wanted - quiet music, low lights, limited people in the room, the ability to move around during labor, a waterbirth - it's all what they do there anyway!  I love the feeling of mutual respect (our opinions and options are discussed with even the smallest of procedures) and the passion surrounding all our care providers about birth and babies.  I know this isn't going to be just another "day at work" for these women providing our care - it's going to be a loving, relaxed, and individualized environment.

I was asked at one of my appointment that if I could sum up how I want our birth experience to be in one word, what would it be?  For me, I most strive for Peaceful.  I think about how being born is the most stressful experience of our lives, how confusing and frightening it must be for a little baby to go from a warm, safe, quiet environment to loud talking, strange hands, and bright lights... I want to make the transition for our sweet little babe as easy and peaceful as possible.

How about you? What were your priorities during birth?

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  1. I love your approach! Peaceful is what I had with both my little guys (even in a hospital with one epidural and one natural), and I cherish those memories. I know quite a wide variety of women in the childbirthing/health care range of things, doulas/midwives/l&dnurses/obgyns, and I can honestly say they all approach their job as more than just a day at work, they are enthusiastic about bringing little people this world with love and care.

    My main priority during birth was to roll with the punches mainly. We had a very open birth plan, and the hospital was there to accommodate with birthing balls and the ability to walk, though I didn't do that much during the second because I was leaking all over the place, lol. It was a challenge to give birth naturally, but it was a huge feeling of triumph (and lots of pain, I can't lie!) when Phinneas's head finally made it through.

    I am excited for this new chapter in your lives! For the brother bond for Cole! It is amazing!


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