Thursday, January 2, 2014

Word for the New Year

Every year, I make a resolution or two.  They are usually more "goals" than resolutions, since my inner teacher likes measureable outcomes - but this year I thought I'd try something a little different.  I thought I'd choose one word, one single word, at the beginning of the year to help me stay tuned into what things I'd like to work most on in my life.

This year: patience

There were a few other words I considered.  Gratitude.  Open.  Thoughtful.  Play. Confidence.

But patience is the quality that I believe if I grow and nurture, it will make the biggest difference in my life. 

Now, I'm naturally a pretty patient person.  But I've noticed in the last few months (particularly since this horrifically difficult pregnancy began) that I've not been as patient as I could be.  As patient as some other parents are?  Yes.  As patient as I could be? Nope.  And I know it's just going to continue to be difficult to remember patience, with a little newborn arriving any day and an active three and half year old to raise.

The older Cole gets, the more I see our attitudes and words reflected in him.  He parrots what we say, how we interact with each other.  Sometimes the very words and phrases he uses are exactly from our language.  So it's even MORE important that I am patient and loving with all my words when I'm interacting with Cole. 

Patience.  I'll keep ya'll updated on how it goes. :)

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  1. :D I know the feelings you are having! And Patience is one of my words this year too (as you read on my blog, and thanks for the congrats! we are excited and nervous and thrilled all that the same time for this little Bug, lol!)

    I had a dear friend warn me on facebook about Patience though--especially if you are yearning for it--you will be tested if you ask for more. I thought back on what she said, and it makes sense to my heart. As I walk through my life, clinging to my faith and growing, I'm realizing that I am tested very often if I want something bad enough. I think it's a good and bad thing, if that makes sense, good in a non-masochistic way. It's good to test where you are, to challenge yourself to reach farther and accomplish goals! But bad in a, "Holy poop, I think I'm going to lose it!" kind of way :D

    So I'm modifying mine a bit...I am going to walk in Patience and Grace. I'm going to budget my time better so I'm not rushing out the door, help my littles understand routine, listen to them more even as they are yelling at each other. I am so blessed to have mommy friends (like you!) who I can learn from...I watched my friend who warned me about patience with her three boys yesterday when I dropped my oldest off for a playdate at her house. Her oldest came in yelling and crying because the youngest had ran into him on his bike and hurt him. The two babes ranted and raved, pointed fingers and yelled loudly, but all the while, my friend was calm. She never raised her voice, doled out reality and consequences with a loving voice and gentle spirit. And I was in awe. She's an incredible role model, and readily admits her short comings as a mommy but continues to walk in grace and patience.

    When Baby comes, you will be befuddled at times, but it truly is a lot of fun for you all :) Cole is going to be an amazing big brother! I am so excited for you guys! The brother bond is amazing to witness, it has left me breathless with love several times over these last few years! And it is hilarious. Isaac was explaining biology to Phinneas--how a mommy cat cannot give birth to a puppy, and a mommy dog cannot give birth to a cat (they have stuffed lovies they like to play with) because that's not how God made them. The simplicity and the logic was astounding and hilarious! You are going to have so much fun with your littles!! Don't worry about a thing, sweetie :)


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