Thursday, January 16, 2014


This last year for Christmas, I kept asking Cole what he would like Santa to bring.  Just one little idea, I begged him.  Not that I needed any - I was pretty confident that what we chose for him, he would love.  I just wanted that little peek into his brain, ideas of what was important and special to him right now in his little life.

Well, after much cajoling and talking, I finally got one sort-of idea: chapstick.  He requested his own tube of chapstick - and that was AFTER I suggested he ask for his own when he continued to slobber all over and destroy my tubes of chapstick.

Any other time I asked him what he would like, he would simply answer: "PRESENTS! PRESENTS PLEASE! I THINK PRESENTS WOULD BE GOOD!"

And while I really wanted to know more about his desires, a huge part of me was so amazed, so grateful that this little boy of mine was already so wise. 

You see, Cole often sees things that he likes.  A toy, a cat (ugh, he LOVES cats), a candle... but he RARELY actually asks for them.  All his gifts this year?  He loved all of them, but everything he received was something I observed from his interests as something he might enjoy. 

Cole already has the wisdom to be content with what he has.  He recognizes that there are things that he likes, but knows that he doesn't need to ask for them, because he doesn't need them.  He's just happy with what he has.

Such amazing wisdom from my three year old son.

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