Sunday, August 10, 2014


Our poor Nala girl.

She's been through the wringer lately.

Nala's been our baby for years.  We picked her out at the Humane Society a mere five days after our wedding.  A sweet, tiny little thing, she fit in one hand.  We used to carry her around while going to yard sales Saturday mornings. 

She's always been our loyal dog.  When Cole was first born, every single night when I went to the living room to nurse him and later, to pump, Nala would get out of bed and come out to keep me company.  She's by my side every minute of every day.  And while she's not the biggest fan of our kiddos, she has learned to appreciate Cole's unending desire to throw a ball for her to catch all day long.

Last month, we noticed Nala limping and whining frequently.  She was hesitant to go up and down our stairs and we discovered a large lump in her armpit.  Fortunately, the tumor was noncancerous, but since it was causing her a lot of pain we elected to have it removed.

Two trips to the vet, one trip to the emergency vet, two sets of stitches, and one Elizabethan collar later, Nala girl is finally on the mend.  She's been a trooper...but the most difficult part of it all has been realizing that our sweet girl is getting older.  I don't even want to think yet about the day we might have to make a decision about her quality of life vs length of life.  Our puppies are truly loved members of our family and while we've always known someday we'd have to say goodbye, none of us are ready anytime soon.

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