Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tulelake Fair!

Yes, we are crazy.  Yes, we drove over two hours to go to a simple county fair with an infant and a four year old.  But, you guys - it was the TULELAKE FAIR! Only the best fair ever. 

And, I must admit, we are slightly nostalgic: Chris and I marched in the Tulelake Parade (ending at the fairgrounds) every year throughout high school, and spent many years hanging out at the fair together.

So this year, when we thought Cole would be old enough (and tall enough!) to REALLY enjoy the fair with all the rides, we thought we'd take advantage.  And boy, did he ever have fun!

 Hopping aboard his very first ride!
 Of course, he spent the majority of most of the rides just checking out the other kids, our little observer:
 On top of the Ferris Wheel!  We unanimously agreed it was all our favorite ride:
 And Chase was a trooper!  We had tons of time to lay out a blanket for him in between rides - he enjoyed himself so much!
 We couldn't have done it without Grammy and Papa:
 First much-anticipated taste of cotton candy!
Everything better through the eyes of a child!

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