Friday, November 4, 2011


I jinxed it.

Ok, so Cole? You know how every time we're in public and you catch admiring glances from other people and those sweet old ladies ask how you're sleeping?  And I always say, "Well...he doesn't really sleep...BUT! he's an awesome eater!  I mean INCREDIBLE!  Like he eats anything I put in front of him!"  And then I'd yawn blearily in my sleep-deprived state, but think hey! at least he's a great eater!

That was literally two weeks ago.  But apparently in the span of two weeks you have decided to become a picky eater.

Yup.  All those awesome foods you ate no problemo?  Not so much anymore. 

Mealtimes have now become strikingly similiar to feeding my parent's dog Ginger - who only eats one pebble at time which has to be coated in just the right amount of certain human food and needs a two minute break in between pebbles. 

Not that I'm feeding you dog food.

But that's how you are right now.  But worse.  Because one day you'll be all over the ham sandwich and then the next I'll put it in front of you and you'll look at me like, "What IS this sludge, woman?!"  And then you'll chow down meatballs like they're going out of style so I'll buy a Costco bag of them and serve them up to you and you THROW THEM and then you scream.


So meanwhile, you're living on yogurt, hummus, and oranges.  At least for today.  Tomorrow you'll probably hate them all.

You sure know how to keep this mama on her toes, little mister!

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