Friday, February 10, 2012


Cole and I sit on our front deck, playing in the sandbox while waiting for Daddy to come home.  At the sound of every car passing by, Cole stops what he's doing to peer through the bars, "Da? Da?"  Sometimes a car that looks suspiciously like Daddy's will go by, and Cole's face will light up...only to fall as it passes by.

Then he sees it.  Daddy's car, pulling down our street.  He lets out a squeal and clasps his hands excitedly under his chin.  Then he does a happy feet dance, running to stick his hands through the bars to wave to Daddy. "DA! DA! DA!"

"Hi Handsome!" Daddy says, as he gets out of the car, with big smiles all around.

Cole runs to me to be picked up, so we can go inside and see his Da. 

It's one of the best parts of our day.

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