Thursday, February 9, 2012

One of those days

um, WOW.

You ever have one of those days?

The kind of day when your toddler seems to think EVERY book belongs on the floor; and EVERY toy needs to be out of the toybox; and EVERY item needs to be out of the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and scattered all over the room; and EVERY piece of recycling needs to be removed from the recycling can and placed in hazardous places on the floor.

The kind of day when your toddler refuses to nap, even though his mama has a cold and all she wants in the whole wide world is to take a nap (and maybe win the lottery.  Heck, at this point, my chances of winning the lottery are a LOT higher than my chances of taking a nap).

The kind of day when your toddler won't even let you eat a snack; instead, he clings crying to your pant legs, insisting that you A) give him whatever you are eating, even though he ate half an hour ago and will just throw whatever you are eating on the floor or B) STOP STOP STOP eating and PLAY with me!

The kind of day when your toddler finds his milk sippy cup and commences pouring milk all over his toys, books, and the recycling that is on the floor.

The kind of day when your toddler finds his guitar in his toy box and decides to chase after the dogs with it, banging them with it whenever he gets close enough.

The kind of day when your toddler pulls several folders of important information (you know, tax returns and stuff) from the filing cabinet and throws them into the bathtub full of water.

The kind of day when your toddler decides to poop five times (yes, FIVE times!!!!), which wouldn't be the end of the world except that to him, diaper changes ARE the end of the world; so you are forced to practically sit on your child while wrestling diapers and onesies and pants and socks off him while he is kicking you and screaming like you are inflicting torture upon him.  You may or may not have a black eye from these encounters. 

Uh, yup.  That's the kind of day we had.  The kind of day when I just have to remember to DON'T carpe diem.  That on this trip up Mount Everest (AKA parenting), it's ok if I don't love every single second of picking up after my child's mess, and wishing that he would just NAP ALREADY, and hoping that I can hold onto my last scraps of patience until my husband comes home and I can hand off my child and go take a nap.  It's ok.  Not every day is great, and I'm not a bad mom for having one of those days.

Tell me, ever had one of THOSE days?  What do you tell yourself to get through it?

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