Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to entertain your toddler

Like I said earlier, Cole is SO INTO reading right now.  SO SO SO into reading.  Like, I cannot get anything else accomplished because we are literally spending 3+ hours a day READING!

Who knew reading could be so exhausting.

And it's a good thing.  An excellent thing.  I am so proud of my active little toddler boy loving his books so much.  It's super fun for both of us to snuggle on the couch with the dogs, a blanket, and a huge stack of books.  But occasionally, I need to do things like shower and laundry - and it's hard to do those while reading to Cole.

So today, in desperation, I emptied a bag of kidney beans from the cupboard into a bowl, tossed in a couple measuring cups, and plopped it on the floor (who knew I'd ever be looking for ways to drag my child AWAY from books?!). 

Cole was sufficiently entertained to allow me to unload the dishwasher and eat a piece of toast before he saw his books on the coffee table and brought one to me - "BOO! BOO!" (book).

It was perfect :)

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