Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Planning

Oh. my. gosh. 

Can you BELIEVE it's less than a month until Christmas?!!

It snuck up on me this year!

Not that I'm complaining - I adore Christmas more than any other holiday.

So, in the spirit of planning ahead, here are some of the things Santa is planning on bringing Cole this year:

Stocking stuffers:

1. Train
Cole has a train set and he loves it - but these adorable little wooden trains have a tendency to get lost, so I plan to get him a couple more.
2. Train Whistle
Um, I may live to regret this...but I'm thinking about getting Cole this wooden train whistle.  I'm sure he'll only want to use it when I'm on important phone calls and all, but why little boy wouldn't love an obnoxious noisemaker?

3. animals from Michael's
You know those cute little animals that Michael's Crafts stores carry?  I couldn't find a picture, but Cole adores small animal figures and I think a couple of his favorites will be a hit.

4. Undies

Oh yes, I said it.  I bought Cole undies for Christmas!  Cute undies with airplanes, trains, and his beloved animals - he seriously gets excited about picking out his undies in the morning, so why wouldn't he love to get some in his stocking?

5. Matchbox cars
Just one or two - I don't want him to have a million because it totally takes away from the specialness of having them.  Chris and I will pick out a couple of cute ones to stick in his stocking.

"Real" presents:
1. Card Table fort
I just finished Cole's card table fort - it's part camping (like the one shown above) and part train.  I think he'll love it - but it's a toss up of who will play in it more, him or his dad :).

2. Balance Bike
Cole already has the most wonderful tricycle (his gift from last year from Grammy and Papa), but after a year he still doesn't quite have the hang of it - he lacks the strength to pedal.  I've heard rave reviews of these balance bikes and I think Cole will love his!

3. Christmas Eve jammies
As per our family tradition, Cole will have new Christmas pajamas to open on Christmas Eve :)

4. Broom

If I could get Cole a mini vacuum that really works so he could help out with the vacuuming, I totally would.  Since the only model of these is like $250 (I don't think it's worth THAT), I'll settle for a child sized broom, since Cole LOVES to sweep (where he got this from, I have no idea, because I RARELY sweep!)

What's on your must-have list for your little ones this year?

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